Possum Fur Throw


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This New Zealand possum fur still displays natural subtle tonal fluctuation, with the edges of each pelt being slightly lighter than the middle, and it still has a hint of the lighter natural undercoat in soft beige fur.

This possum fur blanket has not been dyed or bleached so it is even more environmentally friendly.

These possum furs blankets are tanned using a special technique, that means you can more easily spot clean or sponge wipe them if a spill happens, without anything bad happening. You cannot wash possum fur but you can dry-clean very successfully.

Each natural New Zealand possum fur pelt is unique but are colour matched with a set of furs to make into a beautiful bed throw for you.

This comes with a lovely velvet textured fabric backing which stops the throw from slipping off your bed.


Double bed possum fur blanket size is 180 x 160cm (5ft 11” x 5ft 3”)