Perfume Oil


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Divine Functional Fragrances.

Created to enrich the mind, body and soul, our perfumes combine the arts of traditional French perfumery and aromatherapy to harness the true essence of plants and their mystical powers.

Inspired by ancient wisdom and traditions, our life enhancing blends have been designed to connect you with the divine energies and help put you in alignment with your highest self.

Available in: 

  • Bobbi - palo santo 
  • Rohe - oud wood
  • Neto - scent of zesty citrus and spicy juniper 
  • Ostara - fusion of fiendish florals, blonde woods and musk
  • Iris - delicate woody, fruity aroma
  • Lakini - hot spicy blend 
  • Eros - passion, intuition and creativity
  • Pacha  - Nutmeg, juniper berries, pepper

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