Tara Cross Body Bag


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The Tara  Bag has a unique weave complimented by antique stud decals and detachable cross body and shoulder straps make for a stunning everyday bag!

Available in Tobacco and Brown.

W38 x D15.5 x H26 cm.

If the leather accessory is getting too dry or cracking, gently rub a leather conditioner into the leather once every quarter. If the leather accessory gets dirty, only use a damp cloth and give it a wipe down. Steer clear from adding soap or chemical to the water. If the leather accessory gets wet, dry it naturally and slowly at room temperature. Always avoid speed drying with a heater or hair dryer. Never store or transport your leather item in a plastic bag. Either use the storage/dust bag provided, or some type of breathable natural fabric like a pillowcase. Never store or leave your leather products in direct or indirect sunlight..

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