St Melangell - Patron Saint of Small Animals Necklace - Gold - 20"


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Saint Melangell is the Patron Saint of Small Animals & the natural Environment, 2 of our favourite things in life!

She got her name when Melangell, the daughter of an Irish king, fled to a beautiful spot at the head of the Tanat Valley in Wales to live to avoid being married off by her father. She lived a peaceful, solitary life in the valley until the Prince of Powys went hunting there. A frightened hare took refuge under Melangells cloak to escape the hunter and the PrinceÕs dogs were instantly subdued.

The Prince was so impressed with her connection & kindness to small animals that he decided to give her the entire valley to create a sanctuary for all the small animals. Ever since, the location of Pennant Melangell has been a place of pilgrimage, & Melangell remains the Patron Saint of hares, rabbits, small animals, & the natural environment.

What a connection, what a lady!

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