St Luke - Patron Saint Of Creativity & Artists Necklace - Silver 20"


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Saint Luke is well known as the Patron saint of artists as well as a Saint of doctors & students. His connection to the arts came from his many talents in this field including painting, sculpture, writing and general craft. Throughout his creative life, he painted many incredible paintings, most notably, a beautifully one of Mary, the Mother of Jesus.

His creative talents also crossed over into writing, in which he wrote one of the four Gospels. ‘His’ Gospel is said to be the most creative, clear and captivating of all, using beautiful and poetic language well beyond his years.

Throughout his life & work, St Luke held women and their dignity in high regard as they played such an important part of his writings – Good shout St Luke!

It’s fair to say that St Luke was a man of many creative talents, and hence cemented his name and legend to celebrate and honor creative souls across various fields throughout the globe. From painting to craft-making, sculpture, writing, film and beyond, you can call upon St Luke to help you find your creative juices when things get challenging.


  • Made from .925 Recycled Sterling Silver in a fully closed loop production with Zero waste
  • Pendant measures approx. 18mm x 18mm
  • Chain length 20" inches 
  • Minimum of 1% from this sale is donated back to Charity.