St Gabriel - Archangel Saint of Communication Necklace - Silver - 20"


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"The Archangel of Communication, Saint. Gabriel assists all people whose jobs involve communicating - from journalists and postal workers to secretaries, diplomats, and ambassadors.

The most common way that St Gabriel communicates with people on a regular basis is through dreams since dreams are a non-threatening way for people to receive messages and inspire thought.

St Gabriel believes that clear communication is an extremely valuable tool for clearing away confusion and empowering people to understand both themselves and other people in deeper ways. He helps point out communication signs for people to pay closer attention to, in order to help people recognize & let go of unhealthy communication habits. Gabriel's angelic energy is intense and people often feel that intensity in Gabriel's presence.

St Gabriel also serves as a patron saint people seeking help for their conversations with others wether it be in person, phone, online or text.

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