Evergreen Candle


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A complex invigorating blend of fresh, earthy; reminiscent of snowy mountain mornings deep in the forest. Your senses will be awoken with ozone, juniper, lemon and orange; while notes of fir needle, eucalyptus and forested winterberries seem familiar & earthy. Sweeter notes balance this clean and natural scent. 

  • Safe fragrances: free from phthalate
  • 100% soy wax: free from paraffin, GMO and unnatural additives
  • Clean burning: sustainably-sourced wooden wicks
  • Hand-crafted with love and care from Wairarapa, NZ

SMALL - 100g/ 120ml

  • 25 hour burn time approx
  • ideal for shorter burns (1-2 hours)

MEDIUM - 220g / 250ml 

  • 50 hour burn time approx
  • ideal for decent burns (2 hours+)

LARGE - 400g / 500ml 

  • 70 hour burn time approx
  • ideal for longer burns (3 hours+)