Live. Laugh. Love. May 25 2018

We are proud and grateful to still be manufacturing Smith & Western clothing in NZ . 

We continue to work with the same family factory who have produced our clothing for the last 17 years and can still say that the clothes we make are 100% designed and made in NZ. 

Our fabrics are hand selected from a range of local importers who bring in fabric from all corners of the world .

We do also choose to stock other brands from around the globe. 
We feel that these brands compliment the Smith & Western range. 

Though it’s great to support and stock other innovative brands, it is humbling to still produce and maintain production of our own integral clothing line in NZ and that in turn supports local labour as well.
All pieces in the S&W range have gone through a meticulous sampling process to get to the final product.
We take great care to quality test and check our fabrics and finishing .
We stand by our line as a quality product that will give you longevity and versatility. 

We are grateful for the enjoyment and support of our long term customers that have shared the journey and to new ones who recognise what we do and enjoy the product.
We look forward to continuing to evolve in the changing environment of the world and to bringing you great clothes you can live, love and laugh in. 🙏